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July 18, 2017

Idaho State partners with Buchanan and Edwards to promote IT jobs


POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – Idaho State University has formed a recruiting partnership with Buchanan & Edwards, a major, national technology-based company. The partnership was announced this week.


The partnership will allow for ISU IT students to land either a professional internship or even a permanent job with Buchanan & Edwards.

Some of the fields included in IT would be information systems, computer science and software development.


Tara Smith, job development coordinator at ISU, said this is a great opportunity because it can allow students the chance to immediately land a job after graduating. It’s an opportunity to help students be successful.


Buchanan & Edwards said the goal of the partnership is to help grow the professional, developed IT workforce and bring in trained and skilled workers to fill jobs in the Pocatello area. By partnering with ISU, it can help keep the jobs going to locals and help benefit the local community.

“We are very excited they reached out,” Smith said. “It helps the local community, students, us – so we are very excited to start working with them and hopefully bring in some employment opportunities for students.”


According to B & E, the partnership includes the company having access to ISU recruiting events that can help introduce them to students.

Buchanan & Edwards said it is hoping to fill 40 positions initially and eventually 80 jobs as the company and partnership get more settled and established.


“We are very happy to support ISU’s students and faculty with this long-term recruiting partnership,” Vice President Mohamed Elansary said in a statement. “We look forward to providing guidance to ISU on the skills needed in the marketplace to support our customers, and having ISU’s vetted and skilled IT graduates join our team.”


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