Law Enforcement

Ensuring Citizen Safety


Law enforcement agencies are tasked with the difficult challenge of protecting the American people while facing increasing complex and sophisticated threats from criminals and adversaries. At Buchanan & Edwards, we provide innovative technology solutions that help law enforcement agencies quickly adapt to ever-changing criminal, terrorist and cyber threats.


 With 15 years of experience serving national law enforcement, we are adept at anticipating change and identifying technologies that can act as a force multiplier by helping agents and analysts work better, faster and smarter. Our services include software development, data analytics, CRM, virtualization and data center optimization. Whether it’s improving information sharing, leveraging knowledge management, refining case management or deploying cost-effective services in the cloud, our agile law enforcement solutions optimize resources and maximize performance.


By leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, we help law enforcement agencies cull through mountains of data and present only statistically important information to the agent or analyst

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